5 Consumer Trends Shaping Lottery Growth in 2023

5 Consumer Trends Shaping Lottery Growth in 2023

Posted January 27, 2023 by IGT in Consumer Trends

IGT invests in a range of research to support customers’ growth. For the fifth year, we’ve joined forces with global consumer analytics and trend-spotting agency Foresight Factory to identify the wider consumer trends that are likely to impact lottery play in the coming year, and share insights on how these forces may influence player attitudes and behaviors.

Join us as we take an in-depth look at how consumer habits are evolving, what differentiates lottery players from non-players, and what lottery providers and retailers can do today to adapt to an ever-evolving audience.

  • Data as Currency: What do players and other consumers view as a trade-off for receiving their data?
  • Micro Moments: How might consumers’ mobile habits reshape the environment of convenience retail?
  • Fact Finders: How can positioning lottery as good-cause-funding entertainment support the long-standing success of the industry?
  • Pretailtainment: How can lotteries harness the fun aspects of play while players are in the initial phase of their purchasing journey?
  • 360 Rewards: Should lottery reward programs extend outside the conventional categories?

This special report highlights accompanying data drawn from Foresight Factory’s quantitative research in 27 countries, along with examples of how other industries are strategically adapting to the same trends. As an added feature, the report includes an analysis of research data indicating some of the strongest differentiators between weekly lottery players and non-players.

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