Infinity Instants™ Latest Game Mechanic Adds New Ways to Win

Infinity Instants™ Latest Game Mechanic Adds New Ways to Win

Posted February 27, 2023 by Emily Scoville in Innovation

Infinity Instants™ newest game mechanic is a proprietary innovation that creates additional layers of game play, which are revealed as the game progresses. This innovation can be applied to almost any play-style and theme, creating opportunities to target both core and casual players.

Since the launch of Infinity Instants™, an important area of focus for IGT has been applying this revolutionary digital printing technology to create new and exciting game mechanics. Our latest innovation in this area is Linked Wins.

Infinity Instants™ Linked Wins applies the powerful impact of color and patterns to give players additional ways to win. By adding vivid colors and easily identifiable patterns to the play area, we can create visually intuitive, easy-to-understand ways to win that simulate features such as progression, levels, and achievements, which are difficult to execute using traditional imaging. And by adding these features below the scratch-off coating, we can create a sense of anticipation and excitement for players.

Linked Wins:

With Linked Wins, features such as bonuses and multipliers can be awarded when a player matches their numbers to numbers that are part of linked segments that are hidden beneath the scratch-off coating. These “surprises” are revealed as the game is played, and the location of the links on the tickets can be randomly distributed across the tickets within a pack, or they can occupy the same location on all tickets. This flexibility allows games to be designed to offer a wide range of player experiences for specific player segments.

As the images above illustrate, Linked Wins can be applied to a variety of themes and price points. We will be releasing a variety of designs over the coming months and look forward to sharing these with you!

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