5 Future Forward Trends Driving Lottery Growth

5 Future Forward Trends Driving Lottery Growth

Learn more about consumer shifts through a data-driven lens, along with potential action-items for lotteries at retail and with tech in this 2024 special report.

Posted February 01, 2024 by IGT in Consumer Trends

Each year, IGT releases an annual report that dives into consumer shifts at retail, the data behind these changes, and ideas for lotteries to help propel growth. Through our partnership with global consumer analytics and trend-spotting agency Foresight Factory, we’ve identified and expanded on 2024 consumer trends in this year’s report: 5 Future Forward Trends Driving Lottery Growth.

  • Controlled Connectivity: Why are players tired of receiving notifications on their phones and what are some ways for lotteries to combat that?
  • Stakeholder Customer: Consumers want their part in the buying process. What can lotteries do to include players in their decision-making?
  • Moderation Mantra: Screen-time limits and other sustainable choices are on the rise. How can lotteries provide moderation support through responsible gaming tactics?
  • Mass Exclusivity: Privileged access makes consumers feel special. Where can lotteries provide benefits for players through this trend?
  • Power of Live: With livestreaming becoming a massive part of internet consumption, what platforms can lotteries use to tap into this recent growth?

In the report, find answers to these questions, along with a preponderance of weekly lottery player data from Foresight Factory’s quantitative research from more than 25 countries.

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