Valuing and Protecting Our People​ | IGT

A Safe and Inclusive Environment

We utilize a variety of resources to establish and maintain a positive and welcoming environment for our employees by:

  • Listening to employee feedback
  • Accommodating emerging needs
  • Supporting key programs and initiatives

Workplace Health & Safety

As part of our commitment to employee safety, we perform routine equipment inspections, conduct job assessments, provide annual training and appoint safety leaders at each of our field services locations.

Protecting Human Rights and Modern Slavery Act

Our annual Modern Slavery Statement discloses the steps taken to prevent modern slavery in any part of our business or supply chain. We also developed a Human Rights Policy, highlighting our commitment to advancing human rights, as well as our fair working conditions for all employees.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

We are building an even more diverse and inclusive company that anticipates and meets the needs of our customers, employees and the communities where we operate.

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Equal Employment Opportunity & Non-Discrimination

IGT provides equal employment opportunities and values workplace diversity and respect for all employees. We obey anti-discrimination laws that prohibit prejudice of any kind along the value chain.

Engaging Our Employees

At IGT, we create and sustain an environment where employees recognize and exhibit five core values.

Human Capital Development

Through a partnership between employees and their managers, we ensure that our employees have the skills they need to be successful, grow their professional careers and to help us reach our business goals.

Rewards & Benefits

Compensation and benefits are critical components of what attracts and motivates employees to join and stay with our company. We strive to offer market-competitive total rewards programs, reflective of what is expected in all geographies where we employ talent.

Fostering and Measuring Engagement

On a bi-annual basis, we measure employee engagement and continuously look for new, creative ways to increase this connection. These measurements ultimately support customer satisfaction and loyalty, employee retention, profitability, and more.

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